The topic of interest is You can do better.

*Self assessment check*

Check yourself dear 20 something-year, -old you could be the toxic person that needs to change in your life.
We are always looking for who to blame and who to point our not always manicured fingers at, who we should remove from our lives, and who we think deserves to stay.

In a month’s time, the new year resolution will start pouring in from all angles, by mid-year we would have gone back to our self-sabotaging lifestyles while still blaming other people for our inadequacies and by this time next year we will be planning another astronomically huge new year resolution.

*New year resolution fairy is tired*

Look within you, you can do better. Your toxic friends are not the issue, your toxic colleagues are not the issue, your toxic girlfriend or boyfriend is not the issue, the issue is you. The common denominator mentioned above is YOU.

You can do better, when you do better you have better friends, colleagues, and love partners.

The year is coming to an end, let's change this mentality of blaming other people for our mistakes and inadequacies when in fact we are stronger, we can do better but choose to be complacent because blaming other people is easier.

Look within you, if you are not comfortable about a particular aspect of your life, change it. If you want better friends, stop being friends with people who are not in line with your goals. If your colleagues are toxic, get a better job or ignore them for the period you spend working. If your love life sucks, vet better, upgrade your vetting skills.

You can do better. When we do better, we have a better outlook on life. Life is what you make out of it. Stop waiting for the new year to determine what decisions to make. Decisions you and I know you may not keep to, a mindset change doesn't need a particular year, month or day, all it needs is your decision and willingness to change.

Do you deserve better? If yes, do better.

You will hear from me soon, until then, have a little chit-chat with yourself, a kind of self-reflection, decide on what needs to change and do the needful.

*E no easy*

I am rooting for us all. Keep going, keep seeking to be a better version of yourself, you got this. All my love.





Hi there🌹, Welcome.

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Chimnwendum Opara

Chimnwendum Opara

Hi there🌹, Welcome.

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