W.A.G.M.It stands for We All Gonna Make It and it was said to me by a friend. Where is the lie in WAGMI? I can’t see any, can you?
It’s the last day of 2021 and I am not-so-pumped for 2022 but I am chilling, I hope you are❤

*Shout out to every genuine person out there, may genuine people surround you in 2022*

Dear YOU,
I hope this meets you as it left me in good health, the year is almost over, so I felt I should share this with you before 2021 finally says goodbye.
I know you stress about life and get anxious about your future, I do too but WAGMI.

We don't know what tomorrow holds but we hope we are ready and we pray for better days so worry less.
Don't compare your wins and losses to that of others, las las WAGMI.

Be patient with yourself, give room for baby steps, and allow God to lead you.
Finally, WAGMI is for those that work for what they want, when you put in the work fewer opportunities pass you by, and when you finally make It don't forget I told you WAGMI.

The universe has a way of aligning with those who work for what they want so work for what you want and let God and the Universe do the rest.




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