You just get tired. Tired of this version of you, tired of the people attracted to you, tired of the people you are attracted to. You know you can do better and hence itch for an upgrade.
A life upgrade, probably a 2.0 with new features just like in a video game.

But you are stuck, not physically but mentally. How do I get from here to there you ask yourself, you are tired of kvetching and things need to change, but like I said you are stuck.

You need a saviour, you think. A knight in shining armor, who will ride through the valley of mediocrity and save you. But who will that be?
Your life is obviously a manifestation of mediocrity and you are so sucked into it that it feels like you will die of hypoxia if you let it go. You want the familiarity but not the perks.


Pick a side. Taste new mud or be stuck in the mud you already know. For most of us, the fear of uncertainty is real, we always want to be in familiar spaces or have familiar routines so we keep making the same mistakes and that is keeps us from making life changing decisions.

I don't know what tomorrow brings and I am okay with it. But, I am not okay with this, with today, with where I am and that needs to be fixed. I'd rather be uncertain than be miserably certain.

Things that can help you:
1. Have a clear picture of what you want and where you want to be. Know what you want.
2. Educate yourself on what you want.
3. Ascertain ways you can get to where/what you want.
4. Move unapologetically.

What if you make mistakes?
You learn from your mistakes, change course but keep sailing. Don't let the fear of making mistakes hold you down.

I am rooting for you and I.

© Chimnwendum Opara



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