To all the African Girls ( You and Me)

Chorus: Who never fuck up, hands in the air? No one?

Baby girl❤

I heard you laugh today, it felt so good to have you back.

I see you have finally let go of that man, after your numerous futile attempts to make him see you are a good person, I am proud of you.

I feel you are becoming more knowledgeable, pretty and grounded in your spirit, what an amazing development.

I speak life, wealth, genuine friends and peace of mind into you.

I can perceive the sweet aroma of joy and love around you, congratulations🎉

Glad you have learned your lessons from these past events and now you know that you are amazing and the only person holding you back is you.
Let go of those mental restrictions and soar, rise above your expectations, rise to the level of God’s plans for you.

Continue to nurture the friendships God have blessed you with. Do not forget to sieve out the weeds, keep your eyes open and your gut alert.

Eat good food, drink water, and move your body to the rhythm of whatever song you are obsessed with. Never go a day without laughter, the kind that brings you to your knees.

Love fiercely and wisely, be unapologetic about who you are becoming, dress how you want to be addressed. Ghost toxic people.

Align with the universe. Flex don’t stress. Remember your affirmations. Let go of social media for awhile, it can do unimaginable things to you.

Finally, don’t stop being a good person and if you ever need a reminder of who you are, read your Bible.



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