Most of us do not receive any relationship advice before venturing into one as we mostly do that without the knowledge of our parents, so we just listen to what our peers are saying or doing or do what we think is right while thinking from our hearts instead of our heads.
I understand that when it comes to relationship there is no one size fits all rule as no two relationships are ever the same,that’s why I decided to share tips I have garnered from my years of being in relationships(she chuckles) and will probably have done things differently if i knew this before venturing into relationships.
Lessons learnt.
1.Set Standards for yourself before venturing into relationships, what’s a deal breaker for you, what you are willing to accept, what values do you want in a partner and act accordingly. You don’t want a man who is a King and go ahead to accept a peasant because you like him.
2. Always remember that your partner is different and sometimes need you to tell them what you want them to do for you.
3. Never assume anything, ask if confused.
4. No relationship is perfect. So you both need to consciously work together to get what you want from and in the relationship.
5. Stop having unrealistic expectations, this is no Hollywood movie. Communicate whatever expectations you have of your partner to him or her, that way unnecessary resentments won’t be built.
6. Love yourself first, you can’t pour from an empty cup. You need to love yourself good before you can love someone else better.
7. Put God in everything, learn to listen to him.
8. Read books on relationship. That’s one way of investing in relationships. Instead of the trial and error thingy why not read books on relationship that will guide you.
9. Understand your partner. Seek to understand him or her first before being understood.
10. There are days you won’t feel like loving them, love them still.
11. It won’t always be rosy, relationship is hardwork( what they don’t tell us) but it’s always worth it when your partner is walking and working with you.

I recommend the book men are from mars,women are from Venus by John Gray,Ph.D.
So here are my few tips when it comes to relationship, you can add yours in the comments.




Hi there🌹, Welcome.

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Chimnwendum Opara

Chimnwendum Opara

Hi there🌹, Welcome.

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