Momento Mori.

“Life is short, I am going to die” I got this from a YouTube video I saw, and the guy whom I am not sure if his name is Ryan Holiday shared 8 stoic habits that will improve your life and the last one stuck.

I worry a lot. I worry about my past, present and future so it’s safe to call me a worrying machine. Of what use is it to worry? No use. I can worry all I want but until I do something about a situation, it will stay that way.

So I am adopting “momento mori” Whether I am rich or poor, smart or foolish, happy or sad, I am going to die.
How many people have come before me and experienced what I am experiencing, where are they now? Some are dead, gone, and probably forgotten, the rest are probably out there doing something or nothing.

It doesn't matter if I hate you or you hate me, love, lust, anger, sadness all these feelings won't matter when we are 6 feet below the ground.

So live life and if you are going through a difficult situation remember momento mori, if you just won a scholarship remember momento mori, because seriously momento mori.

Look around you all these won't matter, give it time.

Shouldn’t we enjoy life while we are here? Enjoyment in this context doesn’t mean money, vacations, etc it means living each day with gratitude and keeping in mind that momento mori.

Don't let that bad situation stop you, the world won't stop because of you, enjoy life. Glamorize your existence, be grateful, smile, give, laugh, be intentional about yourself.

And that's a wrap. ✌️



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