Mental Health 101

Over the course of my mental health betterment journey I have seen and heard so many advice from parents to colleagues to Social media friends to cousins.
Everyone giving you their take on what it is they feel you should do and what it s they did that brought them to where they are today. Oh, don’t get me wrong it’s always good to seek and heed to wise counsel, emphasis on wise counsel but how do we know it is wise counsel when we can’t see the future and our conscience doesn’t seem to accept it?
I still do not have the answer to that question because I am still figuring life out and I know you are too and we should stop this self imposed pressure of being right in every situation,so here are things I have learnt in my life journey...
1. At the end of the day, it still boils down to you and what you need/want. What do you need/want?
2. Just because everyone said you should do it and everyone is doing it doesn’t mean you should.
3. Everything ends, everything. Friendships, relationships, partnerships and life itself. Always have that at the back of your mind.
4. Be flexible and open minded.
5. Be kind to yourself and others, it’s really what makes life worth living.
6. By all means shut out whoever and whatever is taking a toll on your mental health.
7. Go to therapy!!! I can’t stress this enough. Do therapy.
8. If you believe in God, stick close to him, he will literally never forsake you. It took me some time to come to the knowledge of this and after that I have refused to let go of him 😊
Important notice: It doesn’t work like magic, if you are looking for a quick fix this isn’t for you, give yourself time.




Hi there🌹, This is my safe space, I hope it becomes yours too.

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Chimnwendum Opara

Chimnwendum Opara

Hi there🌹, This is my safe space, I hope it becomes yours too.

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