Igbo girl and Money 101

Hi there,

My name is Chi, I am an Igbo* girl and I live in a society with a strong belief that Igbo girls love money. Society is not entirely wrong as there is some truth to that widely accepted belief. But is the “love” of money limited to only Igbo girls???

Wherever there is Amaka or Chioma, money is the motive.

My roommate who is from Ogoni** disagrees with this socially constructed belief.

Money is a universal want/need, money makes the world go round. Money is the reason Ade, Bashir and Chinedu go to work everyday, at least a major reason.

Money is the reason Aisha, Bola and Chi support gender equity and challenge themselves to be the best in what the do, at least a major reason.

Happy belated International Women’s Day, you are amazing Sis🌹

So here is to every Aisha, Bola, and Chi out there, doing legit business to make ends meet, this seven-part series is for every girl and you don’t have to be an Igbo girl, there is a lot of gem in this series for you.

We may not all be Igbos and I am sure none of us hate money, but, if you do please stop reading this. Lol, I am kidding, keep reading, you may become a believer.

Note: I am not a financial adviser nor do I have a degree in finance from Harvard or any of the ivy league schools, this series is for educational and entertainment purposes.

Igbo: A tribe in western Africa specifically Nigeria.

Ogoni: A tribe in Nigeria.



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