How to help a friend who is struggling…


Hello friend,
Today we will be talking about how to help a friend who is struggling, i mean most of us can relate to not knowing what to do when we see our friends in a tight corner or we see them crying, we are just there like what should I do? sometimes it feels awkward because you love this person to death and they are in a terrible state and you don't know what to do to help them, and you see like...
So today i will be sharing helpful tips you can put into action to help your friend or family member who is struggling.
1. Don't invalidate their feelings. It doesn't matter how little you think whatever they are going through is don't invalidate their feelings, they have every right to say this is what I feel and own it. If they want to cry, hell yeah give them a tissue or a handkerchief, Stop telling them how little of an issue it is and they shouldn't be stressing over it or crying about it, NO! Don't do that, you wouldn't want anyone saying that to you would you? No? Then don't do it.
2. Listen and don't judge. Some of us are like miss/Mrs/Mr goody two shoes, without flaws and so perfect. So we tend to judge people and their story, the bed thing you can do for your loved one when they are struggling is to listen without judgement. Fight the urge to judge them or offer your opinion on the matter unless they ask for it.
3. Confidentiality. I can't stress this enough, if you know you can't keep whatever they say to you to someone who shouldn't be aware of their situation ask them to seek therapy or talk to someone else they trust. They last thing they want is hearing their story from someone who has no business in their business. So keep their story to yourself!
4. Ask them how you can help them. Don't just assume they need your advice or something from you, you want to hear it from them.
5. Take them our of the environment they are currently in, maybe go to the movies,or the beach or for a road drive whatever it is to make them feel better.
6. Hug them and be quiet. I am not a hugger but I enjoy being hugged especially when i am stressed, sometimes i steal hugs from my roommate because it instantly elevates my mood, so ask them if it's okay to hug them and do so in silence.
7. Check in regularly on them. You can go as far as bringing them food and making sure they have their bath, i mean sometimes we are in such terrible place mentally, financially etc that we forget basic self care tips and we just need someone to remind us.
8. Cheer them on. Encourage them. Assure them that everything will be okay eventually.
So guys here are my few tips that are effective if applied. Have you ever helped a loved one struggling? How did you handle the situation? Make sure to tell me in the comment section.





Hi there🌹, Welcome.

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Chimnwendum Opara

Chimnwendum Opara

Hi there🌹, Welcome.

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