Gossip peddler: 7 ways to stop being one.

Ada: *runs into the room and places hands at akimbo* Have you guys heard???

Ife, Ego, and Bunmi: Heard what??? ( ears itching because Ada the gossip always have something juicy and malicious to say)

Sometimes I wonder how busy people have time to gossip. Gone are the days when being a gossip peddler is associated with housewives or people who are without jobs, nowadays if you don’t take the time you might end up being a gossip while working round the clock.

We have all said something unpleasant behind someone’s back, if you are guilty, don’t sulk, I am too.

The goal is to be better human beings and saying NO to being a gossip peddler is one step in the right direction.

Being a gossip doesn’t end or start at a particular age, it is a learned behavior, the good news is it can be unlearned, it’s a vice that you must decide to put an end to or it will put an end to you.

Are you a gossip? Do you always have the urge to speak unpleasantly, spread malicious lies or ask unpleasant questions about someone?

Trust me, being a gossip might soothe your ego for the short term but in the long term, all it does is tarnish your image and brand.
Would you want that?

How can we stop peddling gossip???

1. Before you speak about someone, ask yourself if it’s totally necessary and if what you want to say is the truth.

2. If you can’t say something nice about someone, keep quiet.

3. Hold yourself accountable. Actively stay away from gossip.

4. Be kind to yourself, as gossip normally stems from a deep sense of frustration.

5. Mind your business, it pays.

6. Avoid friends who in one way or the other make you want to gossip, the instigator, the indulger, etc. If you can’t avoid them, spend less time with them.

7. Pray about it, Yes pray! But remember, faith without work is dead. You must actively work on yourself for your prayers to work. God is not a magician.


  1. If they talk about other people with you, they will talk about you with other people.
  2. Focus on your growth this year, spend less time gossiping and more time building yourself up.
  3. God loves you❤



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