A Girl and Her God: My fasting experience.

First of all, I am not used to fasting, as a kid when we were told to fast, I remember sneaking around to put food into my stomach, no matter what measures my aunt took to make sure there is no food in the house, there will always be biscuits in my pockets.

Late last year, after I had a conversation about God with my sister I decided I was going to take my relationship with God seriously.
I started fasting one day per week, 6 am to 12 pm, no biggie right? And then I saw a video of Dr. Myles Monroe talking about fasting and he gave more insight on fasting which I am going to transcribe in my next article, this information motivated me to try 3 days of fasting.

How did it go?

What momentum?

My thoughts:

So yes, fasting is hard and needs preparation but we have God to give us strength. God is good, I am not saying this because everyone says it, I am saying it because I have experienced it first hand.
How about taking him seriously?



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